New online portals bring fashion to Colombian towns

New online sales portals are adding more fashion to wardrobe of people in Colombia, particularly those in smaller cities, who till recently did not have many options to buy brands not selling in their vicinity or offering deliveries at their doorsteps. Online sales offer an opportunity to brands to offer their goods for sale anywhere in the world, even where they do not have an outlet or franchise network. However, for Colombians living in small towns, until recently, purchasing branded apparel online usually meant payment by credit card and delivery of goods to a mailbox or address of a family member, friend of acquaintance, where that brand delivers, and then seeking obligation of some person to deliver those goods, as several leading brands do not offer deliveries in small towns. It is because, most of the clothing and apparel brands offering through online sales provide deliveries only to a place where they can deliver in a cost-effective manner, which largely kept Colombians living in small towns away from several global and local clothing brands, according to an report. Hesitation or inconvenience in online payment options also kept several buyers away from online purchases. But now, things are changing with influx of online portals in the country. These portals first buy products of several global and national brands and then offer them for sale, with assured doorstep delivery even in small towns and many more payment options, including cash-on-delivery. While online shopping made its way in the US and China since mid-90s, in Colombia and Latin America it has gained momentum only over the past three years. Dafiti, Buenamarca, Indumoda and Club Sale are some of the portals offering clothing and accessories, which have launched in Colombia in recent years. Fashion is one of the most growing industries in Colombia, and hence more and more online portals are opting to foray in this line offering garments and accessories.

Profits in the bag for Herm��s as Asia's passion for luxury fashion returns in style

The high-end French handbag maker Herm��s posted another forecast-beating set of figures as the global desire for ��6,000 handbags and silk scarves failed to wane. The maker of Birkin and Kelly handbags reported a 14 per cent rise in first-half operating profit to �584.1m (��498.8m). The group also said the strong first half could mean its 2013 full-year profit, as a percentage of sales, will beat last-year's record 32.1 per cent. Concerns about a sales-growth slowdown in China have abated as Herm��s reported a resilient performance there with around a third of its business now coming from Asia, excluding Japan. Signs of sales growth across Asia for the luxury-goods sector was also supported by results from Italian luxury group Salvatore Ferragamo which reported an 80 per cent jump in first-half net profit on Thursday. Herm��s has tended to outperform other luxury rivals mainly due to the fact its handbags are rationed via a waiting list. The company said: "Demand for Herm��s products remains strong," and bag-sales growth was constrained by manufacturing capacity. It is in the process of opening two new factories in France to increase production. The Paris-based uber-luxury group, which makes bags that sell for up to ��30,000, has been expanding into clothing which has also been performing well. Sales for the six months to July came in at �1.77bn and net profit was �381.7m.

Posh Herm��s handbags just got pricier as luxury materials soar in price

With its luxury Birkin handbag carrying a price-tag of ��4,500, Herm��s is renowned for its lavish style. But now the French designer has announced it will be raising prices, partly in response to rising costs in silks and leather. Victoria Beckham is among the elite few able to afford the handbags Victoria Beckham is among the elite few able to afford the handbags It says the leather supply is dictated by the meat trade, and points out that competitors have also hiked prices. It came as the company bagged itself a 14pc rise in operating profit to ��498m in the first half of this year, following a 16pc surge in sales in the second quarter. More... Vodafone cable tie with media giant Liberty Global may fend off AT&T take over Record low mortgage rates make it hard for small businesses to secure loans In a statement, Herm��s commented that demand for its products ��remains strong, impelled by great creativity��. The recurring operating margin of the business could now be close to the record reached in 2012 of 32.1pc. With 10,604 employees at the end of June 2013, Herm��s created 486 jobs in the first half of the year. Shares are at 256p up from 249p.

2013 Traverse City Prospects Tournament - Jackets Preview

The Jackets are once again participating in the annual Traverse City Prospects Tournament. Last year's event was cancelled due to the uncertainty with the NHL and whether or not a season was going to take place, but this year's edition is a go, with eight teams participating. The teams are split into two divisions- the Gordie Howe Division and the Ted Lindsay Division. The host Red Wings are in the Howe, along with the Wild, Stars and Blues. Joining the Jackets in the Lindsay Division are the Sabres and a pair of new Metropolitan Division foes- the Hurricanes and Rangers.

Fishing Column: Kids' life jackets must fit properly

Kids grow fast. That's why frugal parents often buy their children's shoes a little bigger than the actual size. However, when buying a kid's life jacket that's too large -- a common mistake -- the results can be heartrending because children in a wrong-sized life jacket can easily slip out. "I've sent my own kids to school with slightly bigger shoes," says BoatUS Foundation for Boating Safety President Chris Edmonston. "However, if a too-big life jacket slips off a child when their arms go above their head, there could be tragic results." Edmonston, himself a father of five, knows what he's talking about. Here are some tips on having the right-sized kids' life jacket: Here are some tips from the BoatUS Foundation for Boating Safety. Kids' life jackets come in three sizes: infant (under 30 lbs.) which offer greater floatation for the head; child (30-50 lbs.) and youth (50-90 lbs.). Any child more than 90 lbs. should wear an adult life jacket. Only purchase life jackets that are US Coast Guard approved. To check for proper fit have the child stand with the jacket on and all buckles, zippers, crotch straps fastened. Then grab the life jacket's shoulder area and pull straight up. The jacket should not move up to (or over) the child's ears. If it does, it's likely to be too big, and mom or dad needs to find another one. The best fit for a kid's life jacket is one that fits snugly yet comfortably. If all of the fasteners cannot be attached, it's likely too small. "If a child has a good fitting life jacket, they won't complain about wearing it," added Edmonston. "Better yet is to set the example and wear one yourself."

Dirst introduction to Keiko

A . Petite Premium dresses furthermore make for fantastic baby presents and the right gifts for girls. Give those pretty suits at child showers, birthday celebrations, and during the holiday season. Customers experience the ambiance, the music, the aromas and a vibe like no other. It is the support and love of his family that inspires him each day. They are the foundation that he builds upon.. Our first introduction to Keiko Nakadai is watching her masturbate in the women bathroom at ATV, the struggling television station where she works in relative obscurity. Meanwhile, Michiko Kawai, the station regular primetime weather girl is taking a day off. She selects Keiko to replace her after seeing a rather dowdy picture of her in her employee records. Bra Stop. This online shop offers huge discounts on designer brands during clearance sales. You can sign up and create an account and receive email notification. When it comes to bags, you might be tempted to stuff a big backpack full of supplies. Resist. You don't want to be that person who bumps into everyoneso annoying, yet there's one in every crowd. For a gentleman who wants to get escape for a while from the average of routine business work, or from his normal daily married life, we suggest you try Boston Escorts, and experience passionate and exquisite moments with beautiful and sophisticated ladies. Located near the center of downtown Boston. Booking with Boston Escorts is really no hassle since this process could be done through the phone or by email. Talking about her fashion inspiration, she said, "Actually, there is quite a tough competition at home. I like my motherinlaw Sharmila ji's dressing sense, both on and off screen. She is just brilliant. While the information gathered thus far is thorough and covers many aspect of your life, you should not take on a large number of life changes at once as the ability to effectively complete and handle this level of change may be difficult. Now rank the Change items from the previous page from 1 to 10, 1 being the least important to 10 being the most important to you at this stage. From this exercise you then determine the 3 life transitions you would like to focus on initially. Choosing an educational gift for your teenager can be so tricky that you would often like to despair; fortunately with the likes of Project Runway fashion design kits for girls on the market your choices are made simpler. Any teenage girl loves to look great and compete with her peers; a fashion kit being an educational and useful gift that she is bound to love. Teenagers are renowned for being picky and even ungrateful when you purchase presents for them, many parents simply letting them choose in order to avoid arguments.

Liam Payne's Topman biker <a href="">belstaff jacket</a> jacket

When you've got over 70,000 screaming girls turning up to see you, you'd better dress for the occasion (and to a belstaff outlet lesser extent pack a pair of ear plugs). Clearly the men of One Direction know this all too well, but at their film premiere last night one member impressed us above the rest: Liam Payne who turned up in black trousers, Chelsea boots, a white penny collar shirt and black skinny tie, finished off with a zip-heavy biker jacket. Despite the tendency for most celebrities to turn up on the red carpet in high-end designer items, you can actually pick up this jacket at your local Topman right now for only ��75. We suggest you do so sooner rather than later: it's selling faster than the band's official branded singing toothbrush.

There is no doubt that

Cost of illnesses: It is just a matter of time before one gets affected with a major ailment if he is addicted to unhealthy habits. Once you are affected with a major ailment it would eat off your savings just like a group of hungry termites on a piece of wood. Generally, we never hold back at spending for our ailments and hence you would end up with a weak financial health by the time you get back to strong physical health.. Many BBW nowadays are no longer trying to look thinner than they are, or even to lose weight. They have designed to carry their extra poundage with pride and distinction, and this is to their advantage. But some of us still hope to lose some of the extra weight we're carrying around and have hopes of one day being a little more slender. Plastic Hook Bracelets Plastic hook bracelets are more creative and entertaining. You can take plastic strap of your choice or any clear cut and can then hook around it. Go with these beautiful and charming plastic bracelets and dazzle with youth.. Extremes are usually not timeless or professional. Mini skirts and 2" zippers generally aren't going to be perennial favorites or professional. Whereas, skirts that fall between just above the knee and just below the knee will be fine year to year. One key factor in increasing sales is to understand how people shop. For example, women make the majority of buying decisionsestimates anywhere from 6080% and growing. Despite these facts, some industries have created frustrating walls and barriers failing to cater to the buying characteristics women are looking for. There is no doubt that you can buy cheap clothes online in many places. You would be surprised to find that most of the big department stores and popular designers always have heavily discounted items available online. All of your basic Korean fashion clothing can be found a lot of the time and you can pick items for special occasions that will make you stand out in a crowd. Above the brow. This step is controversial. Most professionals will tell you never, ever to pluck above your brow. Target, with ad agency Mono in Minneapolis, created the tongueincheek campaign that treats groceries and home products like fashion accessories in a photo shoot. Spending is undisclosed on the ad campaign, but it will include eight TV ads that will run throughout 2013. In addition to TV spots and newspaper inserts, it will include eight TV spots, three radio ads, and digital short films that will run as banner ads online..

Our departing Mayor is a gifted leader

He dresses a certain way to .6. The message of rebellion and separation, but within that group , the look is uniform. Acceptance or rejection of a style is reaction to the society we live in.. Located near the Acropolis, Athens Ledra Marriott Hotel offers eight floors with 308 rooms and six suites plus eight meeting rooms. A fitness facility with cardiovascular equipment and free weights is provided. Five dining venues serve Asianfusion, Mediterranean and international cuisine. Women's Masai clothing easily meets the needs and desires of today women as it offers colours, designs and inspiring affordable dresses. There are sleeveless and cup sleeved tops, empire line tunic, tunics in purple, black and red, as well as dresses in flower prints, diamond prints, vibrant cerise, etc. Buttons and cutting around the neck of tops, tunics and jackets are quite tasteful. Our departing Mayor is a gifted leader. He is gifted at joining together life improvements with people's needs. The perfect vision he possesses is that of a great leader. A good cut is essential, especially if your hair is shorter. If you have long hair you can get away with pinning it up. A messy bun looks great with grey hair you look all bohemian and 'clever'. Because investors typically fund their businesses near the area of operations, work hard to attract the market away from you. Depending only on the local customers to limit their growth and profitability, as you would have spent on a sizzling markets elsewhere. To make the most of their creative risks, check out online sales opportunities for your business to the next level. Remember, whatever you wear must fit you well. You should not look too trussed up or on the other hand too baggy. Wear clothes that enhance your strengths and hide your flaws. Jeans has a perpetual charm that appeals to men and women equally. When you think about casuals there is no replacement of denim wear. A pair of jeans combined with top or tshirt can easily beat the heat of summer while an addition of a stylish jacket or cardigan over it is hit for winter fashion. Lending Tree revenue for first quarter was more than 600% higher than the same quarter in 1999. "Our outstanding performance this quarter was our continued focus on achieving profitability," said Doug Lebda, founder and CEO of LendingTree. "We transmitted more than 134,000 loan requests, significantly beat expectations of customer acquisition costs, successfully facilitated more than a half billion dollars of closed loans, sustained gross margins in excess of 60%, and continued to increase the number of business clients using our LendXsm loan exchange technology." How? Third party online affiliate networking programs which are in essence lead exchange marketing groups.

louis vuitton damier canvas neverfull gm

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Reese Witherspoon sports a cheery red Louis Vuitton bag

Here’s a very sporty Reese Witherspoon, carrying a cheerful cherry red Louis Vuitton Epi Noe Bag. Louis Vuitton is putting special emphasis (or re-emphasis, as the case may be) on this classic design for 2013 – they’ve even rolled out a miniaturized Noe BB version, but it appears as though Reese is carrying the full size version here. As of this posting, there’s only an empty holding page for the Petit Noe BB, but you can purchase the Louis Vuitton Petite Noe (which is in between the regular and BB Noe, size-wise) for $1,530 at Louis Vuitton.

A fun fact that many of you hardcore Louis Vuitton afficionados might already be aware of: the Noe was first designed to fit a bottle of champagne! (When the free paper bag from the liquor store simply won’t suffice.) I seriously doubt the Petit Noe can make that same claim, but maybe it’s big enough for a piccolo or two?

Olivia Palermo Carries Louis Vuitton In New York City

Here’s NYC socialite/fashionista Olivia Palermo, sans hunky German fiance, carrying a “Jasper” red Louis Vuitton SC Satchel. The SC satchels have been a celeb favorite ever since their debut a few years ago. As Louis Vuitton fans already know, SC stands for Sofia Coppola, and this satchel is part of a capsule collection designed by the director. This much-beloved bag is still available from Louis Vuitton for $4,850. Designing a capsule collection for a high-end designer like Louis Vuitton seems a rather random undertaking for such a highly esteemed film director, but it helped, I suppose, that SC is a good pal of creative director Marc Jacobs.

Olivia’s unique necklace was made by the “The Maasai Project,” a venture from Pikolinos which employs women from the Kenyan Maasai tribe to make hand-crafted bags, shoes, and accessories, with all profits going towards development projects for the tribe. Olivia is an ambassador for the brand. (See, she does do something other than dress impeccably!)

Wendy Davis Why I stood up for Texas women

<p>Texas state leaders have again taken up a partisan effort to impose severe restrictions on the ability of women in our state to receive reproductive and other crucial health-care services. Just a few weeks ago, I spent nearly 13 hours filibustering this bill. I stood up to filibuster the bill because Texas Republican leaders would rather pursue a partisan agenda than help Texas women. I stood to oppose the bill because it rolled back constitutional rights and would reduce the number of women��s health clinics from 42 to 5, thereby threatening the health and safety of thousands of Texas women.</p>

<p>I know how important this is because as a young woman, the only health care I received �� preventative care, cancer screenings, checkups, etc. �� came from a women��s health clinic close to where I live in Fort Worth. Indeed, more than 90 percent of the care provided by these centers has nothing at all to do with abortion. Quite the opposite, their services are absolutely critical to preventing unplanned pregnancies and to providing much-needed health-care screening.</p>


<p>Ann Telnaes on abortion:?The Post cartoonist collects her cartoons on reproductive rights.</p>

<p>Ann Telnaes animation: The GOP alienates more women.</p>

<p>Ann Telnaes animation: The GOP alienates more women.</p>

<p>So while the ��people��s filibuster�� will go down in history for putting a stop (if only temporarily) to a misguided bill, the filibuster was more than organized opposition or even endurance �� it was an expression of mainstream Texans standing up against partisan power-mongers who no longer act in Texas�� best interest or even tell Texans the truth. These partisans have depicted their bill as an effort to improve the quality of care available to women in local clinics. However, the filibuster exposed their real intent �� to close clinics all over the state of Texas and deny health-care services to thousands of Texas women. And now Gov. Rick Perry and Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst have rammed these new restrictions through the state legislature in a special session, without concern for health care or constitutionality.</p>

<p>This partisan effort builds on a concerted action by state leaders to roll back access to women��s and family health care. In 2011, their budget cuts threw approximately 150,000 women out of a health safety net that, as in my experience, served as their only source of regular, reliable care. Since then, state leaders have bypassed a nine-to-one federal match in funding for the women��s health-care program and saddled state taxpayers with approximately $30 million per year in unnecessary expense, as well as millions of additional dollars spent through Medicaid on unplanned births. Worse, a vendetta against Planned Parenthood by Gov. Perry and Lt. Gov. Dewhurst has gutted nearly half of the state��s women��s health-care delivery system. As a consequence, tens of thousands of Texas women may very well have no providers of care despite additional state funding.</p>

<p>There has been a great deal of attention given to the portion of the bill that would ban abortions after the 20th week of pregnancy, which was added by partisans primarily as a means for whipping up their political base. But this cynical and dishonest political tactic puts women��s lives at risk. Less than 1 percent of all abortions in Texas occur at the 20th week or later. In nearly all of these cases, a family in tragic circumstances has had to make the difficult and private decision to let go of a much-wanted pregnancy because of a major medical concern. What��s more, state leaders don��t mention that they opposed and defeated an amendment to allow an exception to the 20-week ban when a woman has been raped or is the victim of incest. This exception is no small matter. Each year, about 25,000 American women �� 30 percent of them minors �� become pregnant through rape or incest.</p>

<p>In the end, the filibuster was a means to continue the fight and stand up to Republican leaders. That fight is not a new one for me. As a senator from the only true swing district in the Texas Senate, I��ve been targeted by the GOP for my outspoken criticism of their extremist attacks on public education and voting rights, to name just two examples. My nearly 13-hour stand against the effort to deny women access to basic health care evolved